coffee drought!

It had been quite a bit stressful for me lately with graduate school in general. There is less and less time available to do what I really enjoy the most. Less time available also mean one important change in my life, I have much less time devoted to making and enjoying great coffee. I would be lucky in the weekday to have enough time to make myself a cup of coffee in the morning before I have to rush out to the house. This make me reflect a little bit about those days in the past in which I have so much time to sit down and ejoying properly a cup of coffee and savoring all of its nuances and flavors.

In the past, I have been blogging about bringing the Aeropress and the Hario Mini Mill to school to make proper coffee but lately my Aeropress and my Hario Mini Mill have been sitting unused in a long time. The problem is I have started working in a new laboratory where a microwave to heat up the water is not easily available. Also the school work and the lab work is often  quite intense and no time is availabe for the preparation of coffee. While the situation at home is not much better. Most of the time when I get home, it is 9:00 at night and after a quick dinner, I would then have to ready for sleep so no time for coffee!

With these important changes happening in my life, I realizing several thing. First is enjoying great coffee is really a privilege that many people do not have; with that in mind, the next time when I see my co-workers making themself cups of joe from intant coffee, perhaps I won't be judgemental. It also make me ponder other coffee possibilities. I have read on Roaste many people have really good experience with pre-made cold brewed coffee and wondering if it might be a solution for me at my workplace. It will certainly be easier to prepare a cup of coffee from cold-brewed concentrate than to fiddle with the Hario + Aeropress combo. I'm also considering making cold-brewed coffee myself; it semms like an easy enough thing to do and if mastered probably deliver better taste than already-made coffee concentrate.

Another thing that I now realize is how useful Roaste has become as of late. Since I do not have as much time for coffee anymore, I have not been roasting my own coffee as much and have been ordering more coffee from Roaste. Since the delivery speed of ordered coffee through Roaste has been very fast, I have not have incidences where I'm completely out of coffee. On that note, Thank You Roaste for doing such good services to us busy people! 

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