Coffee does have a right temperture.

While reading the recent study that I shared about the sloshing of coffee there was an interesting article linked within it to, "Why Does Room Temperature Coffee Tast So Bad?" over at I was not shocked that they talked about how coffee can taste bad at a lower temperature, I think we have all experienced the taste of coffee going from being really good hot, and then being unpalatable when it's cold. There is a reason why there are plent of devices to keep the coffee warm.

Obviously we have to have a little bit of a suspension of disbelief for this article, because as coffee snobs we do know that a properly brewed cup of coffee will still taste good cold. It's just that cold coffee will expose any sort of errors that you made when brewing. So for this article to hold any sort of weight we must assume that we have failed at brewing that perfect cup.

Now that we have admitted we failed at brewing coffee we must know the reason why it tastes better hot than cold. And according to the article the reason why coffee tastes bad cold, err room temperature, is because as humans our taste buds have evolved to taste things at room temp. What that means is that our taste buds cannot taste all of the flavors in the coffee when it is hot, therefore the errors of our imperfect cup are hidden.

However, the researchers don't know why this is the case, but we know it happens. So in other words they didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know.

What is the right temp you ask? That temp would be would from about 140 degree F with plenty of room for personal preference. Basically you want the coffee to be hot, but not scalding your mouth so you will be able to enjoy the taste of the coffee.

I find some of these little studies kind of funny, because they are really not telling us anything new, but just what we already know. I suppose they are trying to find out the why to it, and in this case it seems as if they failed other than my little guess at the top of this write up.

Anyway, I can't wait to get up and have some hot coffee in the morning. Oh BTW to keep your coffee at the right temperature Coffee Joulies are pretty interesting..

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