Coffee Break Prank -- What Would You Put Up With?

A hat tip to the UK Daily Mail for this Jimmy Kimmel video featuring his long-suffering security guard, Adelina. If you haven't seen it, it's an absolute must-watch. Take 4 minutes out of your Saturday morning to laugh.

There are so many funny moments in this that it's hard to pick my favorite. It might be this moment, at about 2 minutes in, where Adelina decides to scarf down that coffee before something else can go wrong:" width="563" vspace="5" hspace="5" height="296" border="10" title="Adelina drinking coffee" alt="Adelina drinking coffee" />

Or maybe it's this moment:" width="564" vspace="5" hspace="5" height="321" border="10" title="Adelina coffee prank screenshot" alt="Adelina coffee prank screenshot" />

where it's obvious that paranioa has set in. 

The ending is just priceless though. I won't spoil it for you with a screenshot. Enjoy!

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