Coffee? Bikes? It's a Hybrid!

First it was coffee and books - bookstores combined with coffee shops. Now it’s bikes and coffee, not quite as natural a combo, as bikers don’t usually bike and sip at the same time. More people probably associate biking with cold drinks and brews, not hot brews.

Nevertheless, bikes and coffee is the latest coffee shop venue. It’s happening at more and more shops coast to coast. Seattle, Boston, Portland OR and Minneapolis offer at least one. Famous biker Lance Armstrong in Austin TX has a bike shop with coffee shop combined. Others merge bike parts sales and coffee. Bikers who love coffee love these shops, which they consider the perfect place to end an exhilarating ride.

One such combo, Lexington Massachusetts’ Ride Studio Café was written up on this week as a case in point. One side of the shop is a bike sales and service business, and the other is an espresso bar. The hospitality is warmly accepted by the bikers, as they even pass out towels to help the bikers cool off. Across the country in Portland, Chris King Precision Components makes bike parts AND its own line of coffee. Do the two lines intersect? Yes, as a matter of fact, as the tamper used with the espresso is fashioned from a bike hub.

The bike-coffee combo might be called a hybrid shop. There are other hybrids, such as clothing stores and coffee shop, art gallery-coffee shop, the ever popular wine bar-coffee shop for the indecisive, coffee bar-vintage records, and more. Many entrepreneurs are combining the love of coffee and other hobbies and interests to create interesting and unique atmospheres in which to enjoy coffee drinks and espresso. This is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that makes life, and life with coffee, so amazing.

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