Coffee Attack!

It is super hot here today in Chicago with the temperature reaching way above ninety degree Farenheit! I was not in the mood for espresso today as I did not want to turn on the espresso machine and place more burden on our air conditioning system. Instead, I decided that I would make some drip coffee using my newly acquired Hario V60 #2. I have a nice Rwanda Abakudekawa that was freshly roasted several days ago. I deicided to use 25 grams of coffee and with about 350 mililiter of water to go with it.

As the water is heating away in the microwave I went ahead to grind the coffee in my go to drip grinder, the Capresso Infinity. I have the Capresso Infinity for about two years and it have been a great little grinder abeilt it is not really built for grinding espresso fine; however, for drip brewing, it is consistent enough. The Capresso Infinity is a grinder that I would not hesitate to recommend to newbies who are just getting serious into coffee.  

Anyway, onto the coffee attack that I was eluding to in the tittle of this post! As the coffee is finished grinding, I took out the ground bin and bring it up to my nose to smell the dry aroma of the coffee. This is when the unfortunate thing happens; the ground coffee as if by some magical thing, flew up all over the place and it hit me in the worst possible spot, my eyes! I was panicky in trying to get the coffee ground off my eyes because it was hurting quite badly! Ever got sand in your eyes? Well it felt the same way when I got those pesky coffee ground flew into my eyes!

Fortunately,  I recovered and made myself a cup of great coffee and all the thing in the world is right again! The coffee was a medium roast and is sweet with a twangy acidity; perfect for a hot, humid summer day! I believe the crazy event that happen earlier must be due to static electricity; perhap the fact that my Air Conditioning unit have been running all day have something to do with it. Anyway, if this wether is keep being hot the way it is like the past few days, I think I might need to start experimenting with making iced coffee.

Anyway, has anything crazy like this happens to you when you prepare your cup of coffee?  

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