Coffee at the Happiest Place on Earth

So over the past few days I took an extended stay at the Happiest Place on Earth, which while not the greatest coffee experience in the world I am happy to say is not the worst. However, I do think the hotel I stayed at can rank up pretty high on the worst coffee on Earth department. First I want to mention a little about my hotel coffee and then about my pleastant surprise at Disneyland.

The hotel coffee easily ranks as one of the worst cups of coffee I've ever had. They served your stanard continental breakfest fare, which was a nice, however the coffee was horrible. I could see they used stanard bunn equipment, but the coffee was very weak and lacked any flavor and was almost undrinkable. I wish I could describe it for you other than the previous statement. I was rather surprised because it was Boyd's coffee, which is much like Starbucks or something of that ilk that is at least drinkable. The sad truth was the coffee maker in the room with a prepackaged packet to toss in the brewer was better, but still not great.

However, the most pleastant surprise was the coffee at Disneyland, which was very much drinkable. I did not try their espresso drinks as I saw they were all super-autos, so I just stayed away. The drip coffee was pretty good they offer regular, decaf and vanilla flavored, I tried the vanilla once, but it was overly artifical and muted any taste of the coffee. (it was probably good if you went heavy on the half/half). Their black drip though was very good, it had a sweet nutty flavor to it that tasted really good straight and also stood up really well with a little diary. While it was nothing to wax too poetically about, it's just nice to have something you can drink.

The best part though is your coffee cup is bottomless for the entire day you are at the park if you buy your cup of coffee at the Market House store on Main Street. To top it off all you need is to bring back your receipt and so you can toss the cup. Which is nice when you get in the park in the morning get a cup of coffee and then when you come back at night and need a little boost to get you through the night you just show the receipt and another cup is ready to go without another purchase. It makes the three dollars for a cup seem like a bargin!

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