Coffee as a gift? Go for it!!

I have given coffee as gifts several times. To me it is a universal gift that works for any occasion (birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah – any time you wish to give something). For a friend’s birthday a couple of years ago I picked up a variety of sampler packs. I put that in a basket with a couple of coffee accessories and she loved it! Sometimes people feel guilty about buying themselves better quality coffee than you can get at the grocery store (my friend did). This way they can enjoy a nice cup without the guilt! Another friend gave me coffee for my birthday and a coffee grinder. (I already had a grinder but the new one was bigger so I use the old one for grinding up spices for cooking). It was perfect!

I remember the first time my dad and I drank a better quality coffee. It was Esse Caffe Selezione Espresso. We drank it in wine glasses and my dad wanted to “save it” for special occasions! (We did stretch it out as long as we could).  I told my sister-in-law about it and she was converted too!


Selecting which coffee to give can be tricky but fun too. You can go with the gift baskets already made or “be adventurous” and make your own. Get a bag of mild and a bag of bold! Or a bag of something “serious” and a bag of something “fun”. There are so many choices (and this website has many to choose from!). Pair the coffee with a nice chocolate, a stuffed animal or coffee accessories and you have the perfect gift. Just have fun with it and I guarantee the recipient will be very pleased. Especially when they are savoring that first cup.

Oh if anyone wants to know what to give me for Christmas....

Just kidding. Have a nice holiday season and enjoy your coffee!

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