Coffee and the Heart of the Matter

Recently researchers in Spain reported that women with heart disease can safely drink coffee. A research team reviewed studies on coffee consumption and heart disease and disproved a myth some coffee lovers had believed, causing them to avoid coffee. Now they can pick up their cups again, because it appears that rather than problems, coffee can actually help those with heart problems. According to Dr. Robin Wulffson’s article, new research shows that heavy coffee consumption is associated with a protective effect against a second myocardial infarction among patients who have had one. Another study reported that there was no association between coffee consumption and the risk of a second cardiovascular event. Also, no relationship was seen between caffeine intake and deaths from other causes and death from heart disease. This study was the first to look at coffee consumption’s relationship to disease by investigating both before and after a cardiovascular event. It was also unusual in that it focused on women with less serious cardiovascular symptoms. This is more good news not only for coffee loving women with heart disease, but for all coffee lovers. The study results join other research results that point to coffee as health enhancing rather than harmful. Though there are a few health concerns with drinking more than a few cups of coffee a day, generally three to five cups a day is associated with increased protection against many disorders. It is felt that coffee’s high content of antioxidants, plus other various nutrients, are behind the many health benefits of coffee.

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