Coffee and kindness

I know it’s been said many times, but it’s worth saying again: coffee tends to bring out the best in people. As with any blanket statement, there are exceptions—some to be found on coffee-related forums among those afflicted with lastworditis. Still, as a rule, coffee drinkers are people whose company I truly enjoy.

Last night I placed two gift orders here to repay kindnesses shown to me by vendors. Aside: I chose the same coffee for both since it’s my favorite all-around bean of 2012, at least so far; care to guess what it was, by the way?

The first bag is going to Doug and Barb at Orphan Espresso as a token of gratitude for having sent me an unlisted Pharos part for my LIDO grinder free of charge (specifically, a “popper stopper” that I thought might work as a makeshift lid). And also for general awesomeness on their part, e.g. designing, making, and selling great products and actively seeking out and responding to feedback from customers.

The second is headed to Keith Gehrke at Able Brewing in trade for a pre-production sample of his new DISK Fine, a metal filter for Aeropress. I didn't win the related Prima contest last week, but Keith was more than willing to satisfy my curiosity anyway for no good reason that I can discern other than his own generosity, enthusiasm, and (again) desire of honest feedback on a product under development. Very cool.

Speaking of kindnesses, last week I was also offered a free knurled adjustment nut for the LIDO by an HB member with an interest in modding. I look forward to trying it out, as it should allow me to remove the handle for travel without reaching for pliers.

Furthermore, following an unrelated email exchange, ROASTe blogger samuellaw178 decided to devote some of his precious eBeans to surprising me with 12 oz. of coffee! He even took the time to go through my past blog posts and my wish list in order to pick something I was very interested in tasting, namely Ceremony’s Ethiopia Kochere. I’m happy to report that this coffee is wonderful, especially when brewed in the Beehouse dripper, coming across like an Earl Grey-infused chocolate truffle. Thanks, Sam! I know you’re in the process of selling off most of your coffee equipment as you take the next step in your life and career, but please don't be a stranger here in the future. I doubt I’m alone in sincerely valuing your presence in the little coffee community we’ve helped create.

To sum up, I feel very grateful for the surprising amount of good will directed toward me lately by coffee people. Much appreciated! I raise my mug to you all.

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