"Coffee's Night Out" in Brooklyn

Coffee has a long history, entrenched in many different cultures around the world. The drink has nursed many ideas, brewed revolutions, and inspired writers. For its inaugural event, "Coffee's Night Out" will be taking place in Greenpoint, a neighborhood of Brooklyn on November 10 at 5-8 pm. The night's events are steeped in artistic culture and taking place within 9 coffee shops. 


The deliberate pairing of culture and coffee is not new to Chérmelle D. Edwards, the founder and self-described coffeetographer™ of smdlr.com. For the past two years, she has been documenting the intersection of coffee and culture on her blog. Through gorgeous photography and pulled quotes, her style is curated, yet still diverse, and always with the common theme of coffee.


"Coffee's Night Out" contains artistic expressions that range from a spoken word series at Cafe Edna (paired with Toby's Brooklyn coffee) to food and fashion at Charlotte Patisserie (paired with Counter Culture Coffee). If you're in the area, this will be one inspiring and caffeinated night. The event is free and open to the public.


To interact with the event, follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @coffeesnightout with the hashtags #coffeesnightout and #CNO.


Photo credit to @coffeesnightout Instagram feed.

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