Coava DISK for the Aeropress

The Coava DISK is a perforated stainless steel filter designed to replace the paper filters for the Aeropress. The idea is that the paper filters (even after rinsing) may inpart a slight taste to the coffee as well as filter out oils that may lend a lot to the overall taste of the brew. I bought my Coava DISK a few months back, and have had plenty of chances to evaluate it now in comparison with the paper filters.

I really think in order to take advantage of the Coava DISK you really need to use the inverted method. It seems like to me that using the regular method with the DISK causes the coffee to flow through much too quick for an adequate steeping of the grounds.

First the good stuff. I do think that it produces a superior cup of coffee. I don’t know that it’s a huge improvement, but I feel that I can tell a difference in it and the paper filtered coffee. It makes the coffee concentrate produced by the Aeropress a bit more analagous to espresso since it doesn’t filter out the oils that the paper filter does. It is a bit expensive at $15.00, but if you use the Aeropress for a few years it will eventually pay for itself.

Now the cons. After a few uses the filter warped a bit, I think because of the pressure from the press. This would cause inadequate filtration and a few extra grinds would end up in the cup. I simply bent it back a bit by hand and now I alternate sides each time I use it. This seems to fix that issue. You need to clean the filter after every use instead of just dumping it in the trash like a paper filter. It can also be a bit harder to press the Aeropress with the metal filter when you get a good seal. This isn’t a big deal to me, but I figured I’d mention it since some people have issues with that aspect.

Overall, I’d definitely buy it again. The difference in taste is worth it to me. Do you use a metal filter in your Aeropress or have any questions? Let me know what you think!

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