Check it out: an iced coffee contest within a contest!

I’ve been reluctant to recruit my fairly large network on Facebook in order to accumulate “likes” of my iced coffee recipe and thereby make it onto ROASTe’s leaderboard by Sunday night. Honestly, I didn’t want to “spam” my friends too much. But then the other day I had a little email exchange with one of ROASTe’s social media reps, who encouraged me to think of the process more as a way of bringing together a community and sharing something I know to be good with friends and acquaintances. That makes sense in a way, so I’ve decided to take his/her advice to heart.

ROASTe members certainly form a community I’ve both contributed to and learned from via reviews, comments, and blog and Facebook posts. In addition, ROASTe has been very generous to me personally through eBeans and promotions. Thanks! As a way of giving back, here’s what I propose: I won’t get ruthless via Facebook and attempt to drum up hundreds of “likes” for my own recipe, though I *have* shared a link to it there once in passing. Instead, I’ll appeal to and reward your collective love of iced coffee in all its forms.

In short, if you (a) “like” any of the 34 recipes listed here and (b) leave a comment below this blog post saying you’ve done so (along with whatever else you care to add), I’ll enter you in a drawing (using for a free bag of coffee of your choice. Of course, I’d be happy if you “liked” *my* recipe—which, by the way, is delicious! Dulce de Leche Affogato Iced Latte. Which of the words in that title isn’t appealing? “Dulce” means “sweet” in Spanish!—but that’s not required. “Like” whatever you want!

What’s that, you say? Free coffee? Yes. Up to a $20 value. My treat. All beans available through ROASTe are fair game. I’ll even pay for shipping, too, as long as it’s to a U.S. address. The lucky winner will be listed in a comment below this blog post within 24 hours of ROASTe’s announcement. If that person fails to respond within 24 hours by sending me an email (just click my name to access my profile, where you’ll find a “Contact me” button under the picture), I’ll hold another drawing, and so on until somebody, somewhere, is drinking the cup of their dreams at no cost.

Too postmodern? A contest within a contest? No matter. Please consider giving someone’s recipe a boost and thereby giving yourself a chance to win a boost as well. And by all means enjoy trying out these recipes, many of which are quite good!

Disclaimer: ROASTe does not officially endorse this little contest. It’s just something I dreamed up on my own. It doesn’t appear to violate any site rules, but I’ll be happy to call the whole thing off if I’m asked to.

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