Ceremony Coffee Roasters - Destroyer Espresso Blend

I have heard some good things about Ceremony Coffee Roasters, formally Pronto, and was excited to be able to try out this espresso blend.

The tasting notes of this espresso are, "well-balanced and versatile, Destroyer extracts as a full-bodied espresso, with both rich, sweet chocolate notes and a vibrant citrus-toned finish that displays light floral touches."

I have to say that I found the coffee to work really well as a drip, provides a nice full bodied cup coffee and sweet chocolate. Very good. It was important for it to work well as a drip because I have not quite got the problem fixed on my grinder on the espresso range so I am not really comfortable talking about what I got from the espresso side of things from this belnd, which is a big disappointment as I am nearing the end of it already, largely in part to trying to get a hold of my grinder.

Luckily the grinder issue should be resolved soon as it it being taken care of by Baratza.

One thing that doesn't take a grinder to see is the awsome packaging of the coffee. I gotta say I am sucker for the branding of this particular coffee, with the white bags and different stages of coffee on the side of the bag. It was a very well executed design, and I can see why they changed the name of their company.

Due to still working through the grinder issue, I will need to try this one again. However, based on what I got from the coffee it should be a good thing and hopefully I will pick up another one of their coffees along with it.

I am looking forward to a different coffee that I should be getting in the next few days from Velton's Panama Boquete Mama Cata, the tasting notes just pulled me over the edge to try this one, "Baked apple, mulling spices, roasted almond, dark caramelized sugar, molasses, and a clean yet substantial body." And not to mention the fact that he only has 50 lbs of this so it should be gone fast, so get it while it's hot.

So hopefully I will get a replacement grinder along with the Velton's and I should be in for a very good weekend! yum.

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