Cappuccino (Italian-Style)

Cappuccino is named after the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, whose monks are known for their white-topped frocks. Just like these Capuchini, the drink has a brown body, a white top, and a charming Italian accent…

Cappuccinos at Harry's Bar in RomeThe Italians have four traditional M’s that dictate the ultimate quality of the cup: Macchina — the espresso machine; Miscela – the blend that requires a dark roast with 100% Arabica beans; La Mano--the experienced hand of the barista; and finally Macinino -- the coffee grinder.

The Italians use the rule-of-thirds for the preparation of a good cappuccino. First, make a standard espresso shot in a pear-shaped 6-ounce cup (click here to learn how to make your own espresso). It should take about one-third of the cup’s height.

Second, pour in the warm, frothed milk (click here to learn how to make frothed milk in your own kitchen). The milk and foam fill about one-third of the height each.



Here are some tips for making a cappuccino perfetto:

  • Use pre-heated porcelain cups to get a hot drink. Click here to learn how to choose the perfect cappuccino cup.
  • Ideally, the frothed milk should be silky, smooth and creamy, not airy and bubbly like foam.
  • Frothed milk doesn’t stay good for long so the cappuccino should be consumed within minutes. Most Italians drink it standing at the bar…

Having a good espresso and frothed milk will allow you to make most of the popular Italian milk-based coffee drinks, including cafe crema, macchiato, latte, frappuccino, and mochaccino. Bon Appetit!

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