Can Specialty Coffee Save Krispy Kreme?

Question to mull over as you enjoy your morning coffee: If Krispy Kreme serves specialty coffee, how will it differ from Dunkin’ Donuts? A piece of financial news this week on MSN reported that Krispy Kreme may change its products to appeal to a more health-conscious customer base. KK has been fighting financial woes for awhile and was forced to shut down hundreds of shops. Recently management has succeeded in bringing the company back up and shares have doubled in value over the past year. They need to keep the momentum moving so now are considering adding the healthy food offerings. Oatmeal, yogurt and fruit juice are some of the new items under consideration. Though they now serve coffee, it’s just commodity coffee, so specialty coffee and espresso is proposed to be introduced in September. It’s interesting that specialty coffee in the form of custom blends and espresso are on the list of additions. It looks like KK is trying to follow McDonald’s and Starbucks in the focus on espresso and emphasis on a healthier image. Another example of coffee culture’s power, it’s clear today’s love affair with specialty gourmet coffee drinks is driving the fast food model. How else could Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonalds become leaders in coffee sales? Don’t worry – if you, like Homer Simpson, love your decadent donut, they’ll still be the main KK attraction! And – are you ready for this? KK is testing doughnut milkshakes and some other new flavors, so you may be able to pair your doughnut with a doughnut milkshake if doughnut redundancy is your thing. We don’t have doughnut coffee, but we do have cake in coffee. Here are a few to enjoy.

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