"Camping" coffee?

My drip coffee maker stopped working. Waah! Since I do not have any other coffee makers (my french press broke) I was not sure what alternatives I had. I remembered reading articles about "camping" coffee so looked online and deciced to try it at home. All articles made a point of saying not to let the water boil but were split on whether or not to put the ground coffee in the pot while heating the water or wait until it was already warm. I chose to put the grounds in while heating.

I used bottled water and filled the coffee carafe up to twelve. Put that in the pan and added seven scoops of coffee to it. Then I heated it on a medium flame (checking the water temperature with a thermometer). When the water temp reached between 195 and 200 (F) I turned off the heat, stirred the coffee and covered for ten minutes.

It actually did not taste too bad. It did taste different. I was expecting it to be bitter or weak but it was not. Going to have to experiment more to see if waiting to add the ground until the water is warm makes the flavor different.

Any suggestions?  

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