Caffeine withdrawal?

I bet most of you here have heard of the term coffee withdrawal before. If you are aware, caffeine is actually a type of mildly addictive drug, probably not that harmful in small quantity. From what I understood, it actually stimulates your nervous system and increases your body’s metabolism rate, including your heart beat. So that’s why you would experience faster heart rate after getting too caffeinated. The thing with caffeine however, just like most other drug, is that your body will adapt to the caffeine level in your blood stream and tare that into zero state after a while. So, if you drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day, your body will automatically adjust to the 4-cup caffeine and recognize that as your ‘normal’ state of caffeine in the bloodstream.

Here comes the problem: What if your body is used to that much of caffeine and all of the sudden you just don’t intake any caffeine one day? This is where the caffeine withdrawal kicks in. Your body will sort of go below the normal stimulated state. Thus you will feel lethargic and tired. The other common symptoms of caffeine withdrawal includes sleepiness, unable to focus and headache. 

I for one have heard about caffeine withdrawal symptoms for many times and naively thought it just wouldn’t happened to me. But I was wrong. After being so used to the speedy coffee delivery from ROASTe, I got kinda lazy and don’t freeze any back up coffee like I used to do. I always order the coffee when I am at about 1/3 stash of the coffee. With this ordering pattern, I seem to be able to get by with my coffee in 3-4 business days after placing my order. Eventually, I got myself into a trouble. Somehow, for some reason, the coffee took a longer than I expected to arrive, and I am running really really LOW on good coffee. =(

So this morning, I am finally out of ROASTe coffee and only left with some coffee that is not as good(stale preground). I am firm believer that I shouldn’t be drinking coffee just for its caffeine jolt and so I tried to live up to that belief. Eventually, this whole morning, i actually can feel the sleepiness keep hitting me, and I yawned for a million times in the classes. Something that I don’t normally do.When it comes to late afternoon, it got a little worse and I actually had a headache. It might have just been because I woke up earlier than usual today. But thinking deep, it’s probably the caffeine withdrawal symptom.

Two lessons were learned today: Never underestimate the effect of that little small cup of joe and don’t take speedy delivery for granted. :P

I would like to hear what's your experience in this! Did you ever get the symptoms when you do not get your cup of caffeine fix? I suspect the more cup you drink, the worse the symptom will be. I have been drinking more than 4 cups recently due to the new machine,maybe that's why. ;P

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