Buzz Artisanal Coffee Roaster Ninety Plus Ethiopia Tuktant - In My Cup

/files/u2252/tuktant_500.jpg" align="right" height="300" width="201" />One of the fun things about going to CoffeeCon 2012 over the weekend was getting to try coffee from Buzz Artisanal Coffee located in Wicker Park (home to C.M. Punk and Colt Cabana), a neat Chicago neighborhood. The shop has a clean layout with a nice display area for geek gear and comfortable and cozy surroundings for it's patrons. The Roaster, Stefan Hersch, is very passionate about coffee that tastes great and is highly skilled in creating it too.  

The shop did display their coffee at CoffeeCon as well and to help out the pour over/manual brewing class donated coffee for us to brew. The coffee was a very special Ethiopian from Ninety Plus called Tuktant. Later that day the roaster told me they sold out of the Tuktant they brought to the event - once people tasted it upstairs in our class they wanted some (even at $20 per bag!)to take home with them. The best part is that he gave me a thank you bag of this coffee for my personal consumption too - now I just have to find a source of Lake Michigan water...

The roaster describes this coffee as having clean fruit notes ranging from raspberry jam to blackberry with just a whiff of citrus highs and beautiful floral aromatics. The dry beans smell like raspberry and toasted caramel while the brewed aroma is apple with a hint of spice. For my prep method I used 30g of ground beans in a manual dripper to craft 500mL of coffee.

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The first sip, bright fruit/berry acidity on the front end, is joined in the middle and finish  by a spicy and tart berry note with a hint of chocolate and cinnamon. The mouth feel is  medium full with a well developed creamy body. As it cools I think it tastes even better – the initial brightness tempers a bit while the milk chocolate in the finish amplifies – and what a long finish too! This is without question a special tasting and very delicious  coffee prepared as a pour over and it is well worth finding a bag before it's gone for good. 


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