Broadacre Coffee- Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento coffee scene is rapidly evolving by riding the coattails of the bay area's coffee culture. Broadacre Coffee is located a few blocks away from the state capitol and it is the latest addition to the Sacramento coffee circuit. 

In a previous review of Temple Coffee I mentioned that Temple recently moved to a new downtown location. When they moved to their larger location they left behind a fantastic space that was quickly filled by Broadacre. Broadacre held their grand opening last night, though they have been serving customers for about six weeks now. Their aim is to serve coffee from a rotating lineup of the country's best roasters, prepared using a variety of devices.

Quick equipment overview:

Machine: La Marzocco Strada
Grinders : Mazzer Robur E

V60, Chemex, French press, and Aeropress

The lineup of roasters changes, but when I stopped by today they were serving Intelligentsia, Ritual, Stumptown, and Verve.

I started with an espresso pulled using Intelligentsia's La Perla from Mexico. Wow. Fruit bomb pulled pretty tight with lots of lemon up front. Perfect mouthfeel. This was a real shock after drinking so much chocolate-y Red Bird lately, but shocking in a good way.

Next up was a Honduran S.O. from Ritual prepared using a V60. I should have taken notes because I'm blanking on the taste, but I remember that it was extremely balanced and a pleasure to drink. My girlfriend asked for a sip and even she loved it (which is saying a lot, because she is a tea drinker and normally hates coffee). 

I couldn't get the La Perla out of my head so I had one more shot of it before leaving and it was identical to the first.

I am really liking Broadacre so far, their coffee is excellent and not a hint of pretension from the baristas. Rumor has it that Handsome and Four Barrel are among the upcoming roasters. Score.

Quick Sacramento third wave recap and preview:

Temple Coffee - Fantastic roaster/cafe

My next stop will be Chocolate Fish, a self-described New Zealand style cafe and roaster that I have heard good things about.

Coming soon:Insight Coffee Roasters


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