Bring back the holidays - aka What I am drinking now - Velton's Holiday Blend

Bring back the holidays.

What I am drinking now is Velton’s holiday blend from Velton’s Coffee Roasting Company.  You may find this odd since the “holidays” does not usually mean Valentine’s day together with President’s day.  You may also find it odd since it is not available on any more.

I had ordered it back when I first got my T1 at home.  I tried it out, but I did not have the pressure regulator in line and it was not very good, but neither were most other coffees so I tossed most of it in the freezer to try it when I had figured the machine out.  A few days later I added in the regulator and suddenly the machine was producing great coffee.  I did not, however, have a chance to pull the coffee out of the freezer and try it until now.  

I hate to taunt those of you who don’t have it in their freezer and for that matter I hate to taunt myself since I have only about 8 ounces left, but this is great coffee.  It pulls beautifully at 18 grams and a moderate temperature (probably 200 degrees) for a 24 second pull.  I did not weigh the output, but I would guess it was around 30 grams (2 oz by volume, but crema makes that a fairly meaningless way to measure output).  

It has a creamy texture, a very nice mildly fruity flavor and aftertaste with a little bitter sweet chocolate, too.  For me it really hits the balance I am looking for between light and dark, having subtle flavors, but still being easy drinking.  It is not hugely acidic, but not completely lacking either.  Overall it is just a well balanced shot.

I’ll order this next year as soon as it reappears, but even better I am hoping it is still out there, just going under a new nom de plume now that the holidays are over.

If I do hear that the coffee is back  will post it here right away!

Now I am off to pull another shot.

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