Brewing with the Phin coffee filter!


In the past  I have posted about the Vietnamese coffee filter called Phin on Roaste, here and here  I also took some video a while back but have not been able to have time to edit the video. Now that I have sometime to relax after the successful move, I'm able to go back to working on this video.

In this video, I'm using my Capresso Infinity to grind 10 grams of coffee (Costa Rican) to the coarseness of French Press/Vaccumn Pot grind. I preheat the Phin filter, and the cup prior to putting the ground coffee in then screw on the top filter and then add the hot water (hot but not quite boiling). I timed the coffee extraction and ended it at 2.5 minutes. The resultant coffee was decent but no where near the quality of a French Press or Aeropress. The coffee lacked nuances and aroma. I'm thinking that the amount of water is too little for the amount of coffee. For the next time, I should grind the coffee slightly coarser so that I would obtain a faster extraction with larger amount of water in the time period of 3 minutes. Also, I'm having problem with the top filter staying on; once I add the hot water, the top filter became crooked and allow the coffee ground to float everywhere. This is not a big deal but it is not suppose to happen in classic vietnamese brewing. 

Although the Phin filter is supposed to be used to make authentic vietnamese coffee, usually served with condense milk and ice, what I'm doing here is not that. I'm trying to use the Phin to make a less concentrated drip coffee more akin to the strength of French press. In this regard, this experiment failed to make excellent coffee! 

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