Bow Truss and Cuvee Coffee Place Baristas at the Regional Competition

October 28, 2013

As we mentioned in a previous post, the Big Central Regional Barista and Brewer's Cup Competition took place in Minneapolis over the weekend. The Big Central is comprised of the North Central and South Central regions. For each region, there are six ranked Barista and Brewer's Cup winners.  If you have some spare time, you can rewatch the performances here.

We are excited to announce that two of our roasters have baristas who placed in the regional!

From Bow Truss Coffee Roasters, Talya Strader competed using the honey-processed Panama Los Lajones. She placed 4th overall in the North Central region with possibly one of the most delicious sounding cappuccinos at the competition.

"That caturra is just one gene mutation away from the bourbon and is responsible for the raspberry in the cup. The pacamara is a cross between marajupe and pacas and is responsible for the spice. The yellow catuai is a highly resistant cultivar that can be grown at really high altitudes against a lot of wind. It's responsible for the citrus and crispness of the coffee. The milk doesn't really overpower it, it just turns it into a dessert. It tastes like raspberry tart, lemon bars, and Teddy Grahams."

--Talya Strader

Lucky for us, you can purchase some of this coffee, pulled as espresso or brewed as a delicious cup at home, right here on Coffee Kind.

Her signature drink: granny smith and gala apple butters (clove, cinnamon, allspice, lemon, simmered for two hours), espresso shots pulled on top, cascara tea, sassafras infusion, combined with a thorough stir of a spoon.

From Cuvee Coffee, Lorenzo Perkins won the South Central region of the Brewer's Cup. He had also competed in the Barista competition, using an espresso that had three different processing methods blended together: washed, pulp natural, and natural.

“I find espresso to be fascinating – it’s unusual for a beverage so small to be so many things simultaneously. Espresso is espresso, and must be viewed as a whole substance unto itself.”

– Lorenzo Perkins

Congrats to both Talya and Lorenzo for placing! Many more congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend.

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