Boulevard Coffee Roasting Company- Carmichael, CA

Boulevard Coffee Roasting Company has been in operation for nearly 30 years in the Sacramento area. They roast daily, primarily for area businesses and for use in their cafe.

The cafe is located in an unassuming strip mall in Carmichael (in the greater Sacramento area). The interior is wood-filled and the atmosphere is relaxed. Think neighborhood coffee shop as opposed to a commuter's stop and go, or a top tier espresso bar.

The coffee ranges from really good to somewhat disapointing, depending on what you order and who prepares your drink. I'd recommend French press to anyone visiting for the first time, and try to go with the lightest roast available (more on this later). If you catch the right barista, go ahead and order espresso, but, I still haven't had a truly great shot here.

I think that a lot of the beans could benefit from a lighter roast but I am biased toward light roasts. Many of the blends and single orgins billed as light roast are really what a lot of roasters would consider more of a medium or dark roast. I will say that their Tanzanian peaberry is one of my all-time favorite beans for drip because of its nice brightness and buttery finish.

The best thing about Boulevard is the pricing. Boulevard is still selling many 1 pound bags for what most roasters are charging for 12 ounce bags. Prices for coffee in the cafe are on the lower side as well. Boulevard is somewhere around Peet's in terms of quality and experience; sometimes better, but usually comparable. You could do much worse for coffee in the Sacramento area, and Boulevard is worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. 

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