I am a little sad that I am getting towards the end of my time with the pair of Deep Cello coffees that I ordered, Black Tie and Bossa espresso. I like them both very much and have already talked a bit about Black Tie and would now like to take a moment to chime in with my brief experience with Bossa, which I am puzzled as to why others have not had the pleasure.

Bossa espresso is Deep Cello's take on a seasonal espresso, and they do quite a good job. Their blend consists of Brazil Tres Cormges, Ethiopian Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, and Cerro Las Ranas from El Salvador according to the hand written notes on the back of my bag. True to the meaning of seasonal espresso this blend is a little different than the description given by Deep Cello,   according to the site it is Brazil Deterra Estate, Ethiopian Limu and from Mexico. While I am sure the two blends differ, they do use the same regions and have found that a lot of the seasonal espresso blends at this time of the year use a lot of the same components. So there is a familarity with Bossa that I did enjoy.

The taste the most important part of Bossa is marvelous.  The espresso is an interesting mix of acidity and sweet flavors that work really well together, the best way I can describe the acidity is that of being in control. When you sip it you know the acidity is there, but it's not overpowerful like in other season blends that let the acidity just take over the mouth and envelop all of the other tastes. Basically you know its there and you like it, but it doesn't overpower the chocolate and carmel notes. It allows you to enjoy the espresso.

I found that Bossa really showed well in milk. I typically drink 8 oz lattes when i drink milk and found that with the steamed milk it accentuated the sweeter tones of the espresso and making the slight acidity turn into a more nuanced note, very enjoyable.

Suggested brewing parameters for the espresso were given by Deep Cello, 19 grams, 201 degrees and 40 lbs tamp. Unfortunately, my espresso machine seems to only take about 15 grams in my double basket so I kept it there and since mine is a Classic without pid I simply temp surfed a little high to get the temp.

Outside of espresso I also enjoyed this blend on the Clever Dripper where is actually tasted like a fruiter version of black tie without the velvet mouthfeel that Black Tie has. Once again very enjoyable and could surely be used as both an espresso and drip brew. However, I did prefer it as an espresso.

Overall, I suggest everyone give this a try. I find that the coffee is both safe yet at the same time can push the taste of someone that like mainly traditional coffee flavors.

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