Bosch Tassimo T45 Single Serve Brewer Review

/files/u2252/page171_bosch_silver.jpg" align="right" height="250" width="175" />One day while walking through the local thrift store I happened upon an unusual coffee maker.  There was no carafe and the shape was a compact rectangle.  After checking it out I determined it was a Tassimo T45 T-Disc brewer manufactured by Bosch.  I didn't see anything broken so I put it into my cart. This brewer was more expensive than I usually like to pay for a second hand appliance, but I did not think it would still be there if I waited for them to mark it down so I paid the $12 they were asking.  


Talk about sticker shock though - I went to Bed Bath & Beyond (20% off coupon in hand of course) to pick up some test cups (seven day warranty on an electronic purchase only so I couldn't wait for online shipping) and rediscovered the essence of these SSC machines - the money is in the pods and capsules, not the units. Also, the selection available is not even close to K-Cups or pods. Even with this limitation taken into account, the Bosch Tassimo is a nice machine. Based on the style of drinks this thing can create the competition for this unit is the Nescafé Dolce Gusto, not the Keurig or pod brewing systems. That said, it can brew a mean cup of coffee too.

Wanting to make sure I was covered, I registered my machine with Tassimo.  After registering the machine I received a welcome to Tassimo email with a code that was good for a couple packs of Discs and some other odds and ends.  I got some Starbucks discs, then I got free shipping and a bunch more free discs for buying $25 worth of t discs in some promotion.  My Walmart had some Starbucks discs priced on display for $6. I told the manager the price was not right for his display.  He checked and realized I was right.  It pays to be honest since he gave me a couple cheap packs anyway. 

My Tassimo experience has cost me about $60 for the brewer, 14 packs of T-Discs, and a couple travel mugs so I could walk way after drinking the coffee and not have any hard feelings, but I will keep the Tassimo. The Carte Noir discs are very good by single serve standards and I am sure some new ones will roll out that I will want to try too.

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