Bodum Updates Auto Drip for Monkeys?

I'm not sure if this clip from Bodum sends quite the message the company wants to send. Watch and judge for yourself.

The new Bodum Bistro Pourover coffee machine is an "updated" version of the automatic drip coffee maker that boasts advances that have been old hat on automatic drip machines for years: a removable water reservoir and thermal jug to keep coffee hot without burning it over a heating element.

If you delve a little deeper into the specs, there are other differences that really could make a difference -- and there is Bodum's reputation for quality worksmanship to back them up.   For example, the tubing that carries the heated water is made of borosilicate glass, which Bodum claims minimizes heat loss as the water travels from the boiler to the pourover shower head. The shower head is made of silicon, which, says Bodum, is less prone to chalky deposits from the water. And the included permanent filter is made of fine-mesh titanium-coated stianless steel. The thermos is double-walled stainless steel covered in silicon, and with a specially designed spout. The safety features include a switch that will only turn on is the carafe is in place. And the cool factor -- a transparent back plate so you can watch the brewiing process happening on the inside. And you get all that for -- wait for it -- $249. 

Maybe a closer look will help you appreciate that price a little better:" width="380" vspace="5" hspace="5" height="253" border="10" title="Bodum Bistro Pourover Front/Back" alt="Bodum Bistro Pourover Front/Back" />


And it does come in these pretty colors:" width="675" vspace="5" hspace="5" height="212" border="10" title="colors bodum bistro pourover" alt="colors bodum bistro pourover" />

Bodum announced the Bistro Pourover on its Facebook page this morning. What do you think? New innovation or another trendy fashion statement?

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