bodum shot glasses

Bodum shot glasses are they worth it?

I bought a pair of Bodum insulated shot glasses thinking I would love them since they look great, will keep the shot warm, and have a good size lip on them.  In truth I failed to fall in love with them.  I think it may be that my reservation is that the espresso stays too hot too long.  The flavor of espresso changes with time and this is probably not justa function of temperature.  Thus you want the shot to hit its peak for taste at the same time as it hits its ideal temperature.  For me this happens better with thick walled ceramic than with these glasses. 

I do have uses that I love them for.  They are my favorite glasses for sipping tequila from (this is not something I do very often, but if you are going to sip a good tequila the glass really matters as it does with other high end drinks like wine, coffee, scotch and so on.

Another obvious use for them is any form of photography of shots of espresso.  You may notice that many of the best looking shots of espresso are taken in little glass cups from Illy called “naked” glasses, but if you have ever looked at their price it si crazy – even used I have never seen them for less than a hundred dollars.  It sure makes the Bodum glasses look like a bargain.

Also the prettiest milk drink I ever was served or have seen was served in these – a Marocchino.  It was a variant on a macchiato, where the shot was pulled, a little cocoa powder was added and then some perfectly steamed milk went on top.  The glass giittered almost as if it were infused with gold.  In spite of my bias towards straight espresso and away from adding things other than milk to espresso it tasted great, too.

The cups are probably better for a small milk drink than a straight shot since the milk drink starts at a lower temperature.

Here they are on Amazon (I tried to find them sold on Roaste, but didn't spot them, but if Roaste has them that is even better).

So in summary, I am glad I have them, they are pretty, but I tend to reach for my cheaper ceramic and glass - non-insulated glasses first for espresso.

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