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I don't drink much coffee these days but I still enjoy reading about it. Here are a few blogs that I enjoy looking at from time to time.


This one is written by an Intelligentsia coffee professional, one of the guys in charge of their wholesale training program I believe. He knows how to make coffee. The blog is dedicated to his experiments with home-brewing. I don't think he updates it much anymore but there's a lot of good old content. He also maintains a highly informative and entertaining twitter feed. I've learned more from him than from anyone else. Honestly, there's a lot of noise re: coffee-making out there; this guy really gets it.

* Brewtasterepeat

An Intelligentsia barista writes this one. He's got a few how-to videos that I liked and he also maintains a twitter feed. Really nice guy--has answered a lot of my questions!

* Nick Cho on twitter

Another coffee professional who really knows his stuff re: brewing. He's a big proponent of the Kalita Wave--he sells them after all--and, based on my personal experience following his advice, I'd say that he's likewise super knowledgeable. He's all about low-agitation drip brewing and even extractions... couldn't agree more.

For me, that about covers it. Pretty much everything I know about coffee brewing I learned from the above guys. 

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