Black Tie, Deep Cello: Drink it with or without a tie on

One of the great things about coffee is that no matter what, everyone is going to have their own opinions and I wanted to give mine to this blend. As you read my post about this coffee I would suggest reading what others are saying here and here, 

I picked up this blend to use primarily as my morning brew to run through the auto-drip and/or to use in a newly aquired Clever Dripper that I was able to get from Deep Cello. It has not disappointed me at all and I can see why it won a "Best Coffee in Oregon" award. To be honest that is why I bought it, there are tons of roasters in Oregon and regardless of those that entered the contest the bar is very high and I wanted to taste the bar setter.

The most striking feature of this coffee to me is the mouthfeel. If you have ever had a coffee through a french press or an americano or any other brewing method that doesn't use paper to filter the grounds you get a decided more silky texture that isn't present in most paper filtered coffees. This blend is the exception as I have never had a coffee that after being brewed through a paper filter you still have that silky texture that just coats your tongue.

Now I do want you to think that the only good thing about this coffee is the way it feel rolling through you mouth.

I have been grinding this blend at a fine drip grind and have been getting slight orange acidity, with a touch of plum then some chocolate and little bit of carmel to end it out. There is absolutely nothing bitter about this coffee at all, and have found the flavors to be able the same between the clever and auto drip.

The light acidity is good starting point for someone like myself that is just starting to challenge their tastes for going into light roasts as it doesn't overpower the entire brew like some coffees can.

This coffee in my opinion is a good crowd pleaser and I am really considering picking up another bag a little closer to Thanksgiving as I need a good blend that everyone can appreciate. (My wife finished off a 3/4 filled put of this the first morning I made it! and she normally only has one or two cups in the morning thats how good it is.)

*Note: Check this video from the Deep Cello about their roasting style.

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