Bigger is not necessarily better!

Several days ago, I decided to fire up the La Marzocco Linea three groupo some of the lightly roasted beans that I have. I have wired my Marzocco so that by turning the switch to position number 1, it would only power up the brew boiler; this way I can selectively turn on and off the steam boiler to conserve energy since the majority of the energy draw if from the steam boiler (imagine 4000 watts to power the sixteen liters boiler alone). 

After about thirty minutes of heating up, I decide to run ton of water through the brew boiler so that I can remove part of the old water, in my experience, old water sitting in the boiler does not taste so good. After waiting for the brew boiler (which is about twelve Liters) to stabilize, I proceeded to grind the coffee, 17 grams of Burundi into the Vario ground straight into the Marzocco portafilter. The resulting shot was almost perfect, ton of creama goodness and speckling. I decided to make an Americano out of this shot to bring it to my ride to school. I use the hot water from the Marzocco brew boiler to dilute the shot  I just pull.

As I sipped the coffee on my commute to school, I noticed very strong metalic taste from the coffee; I gave up after drinking half of the mug because as it cool, the metalic taste become stronger. This got me wondering, that perhap after all the Marzocco Linea 3 group is not suitable for home use? I simply do not use it often enough and the water in the brew boiler become stale and taste overbearingly metalic. 

Another lesson learn, perhap bigger is not nescessarily better?  

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