bad coffee from Aeropress!

The tittle is a bit misleading, I know! The aeropress is a great coffee maker but it also can make pretty bad cup of coffee if you the barista don't pay attention. Today, for the first time I managed to make a really bad tasting cup of single origin Tarzanian peaberry. 

What happened was I was trying to multi-task both roasting a new batch of coffee and brewing a cup using aeropress. I was also deviating from my normal protocol with the aeropress. I wanted to make a cup that was stronger in strength and thus I added less hot water to the aeropress. I ground the coffee bean to a fine consistency and targeted the brew time to about one minute including the pressing down time. I got distracted by my coffee roaster during my time with the aeropress (the hottop was beeping and wanted to eject my beans prematurely), and subsequently, I let the coffee brewed in the aeropress for an extra thirty seconds.

The result was not good! It was way over extracted, and very bitter. The chocolate and fruit acidity that is characteristic of this excellent Tarzanian was washed out by the bitter taste. In the end, the coffee was not worth saving so I dumped it and started over with making another aeropress. The lesson that I learned is with brewing method that require short brewing time such as with the aeropress, absolute attention is critical to a great coffee of coffee!

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