Back from the other side

Back from the other side

Wow, 24 hours without coffee and feeling horrible is behind me and suddenly feeling bad has never felt so fantastic.  I guess this shows that all things are relative.  I would normally be unhappy about feeling sick, but today I am so much better than yesterday that I am instead thrilled.  

Most importantly after a day without coffee I am fully up for coffee today.  In fact, I woke up and knew I felt good enough for coffee but didn’t feel very good and then after an hour of building up the energy to make coffee I pulled a shot and boy was it good.  I think that shot is what has me so happy now.  It also seemed like one of the best shots I have ever had.  I know it probably was only good and not spectacular by any proper rating, but the absence of coffee and the symbolism of being healthy that this shot held made it world class – it reminded me a bit of how great food always tastes when it is finally ready when you are camping. (It was Stumptown French Roast, which is probably my favorite dark roast, but my very favorite all time coffees are not quite so dark).  

Coffee gets credit as a miracle drug today as there is no question that I have gone from dragging before the shot to happy now.  Hmm, think how good I’ll feel with 2 shots in me (3,4,…)!

Next up will be Velton’s holiday blend, which I can’t wait to try.  I had ordered it a couple weeks back when I first got the T1, but I didn’t have the pressure reducer in yet that was necessary to make it work properly (my water pressure in the house is too high for proper extraction and so you could not turn the pump down to 9 bar and I lost out on any form of gentle preinfussion).   Since I did not have things working on my end I did not want to ruin a good, new coffee, so I tossed it in the freezer until I had things properly in order.  It will be coming out soon and I hope it is on par with Bonsai blend.  I will certainly follow up when I get to drink it, but I will probably wait until I know my taste buds are fully functional again.

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