Attento Thermometer?!?

First, no I do not have this piece of espresso gadgetry, however it was pretty interesting and thought that I would share it with you all.

As you can see from the photo below, the Attento is a thermometer for steaming milk. What makes this little thing interesting is that they use color changing crystals to track the raise in temperature all the while keeping the device out of the milk for easy clean-up and not being distracting sitting in the pitcher." height="230" width="230" align="absBottom" border="0" />

Besides the easy clean up one of the pluses advertised for this product is instant readings. While I cannot vouch for this device giving instant readings I can say having used a traditional steaming thermometer that there is a lag between what is seen on the read out, and how hot the milk is. This is easily evident in the fact that once you stop steaming it still raises. So for the total beginner this can be a little hard to judge when to stop, (rule of thumb 10 degrees F below where you want to stop). However, it would still be nice to have something that was instant.

What I find more interesting is that this is the same thing as a device that a lot of people use who own lever espresso machines to track the temperature, Penny's Hot Shot Group Strip. Same idea give you a idea of the temperature and in this case cool it down when needed (the group). Since there are so many people out there with this device and the fact that it is a little cheaper (4.50 vs 15.00 USD) I would be interested if any of those users with one would be interested in trying it out on a pitcher to see how accurate of a job it does." height="171" width="300" align="absBottom" border="0" />

My biggest fear with this device is that you have to look down at the bottom of your steaming pitcher taking your eye away from the milk perhaps causing some bad steamed milked. However, I do appreciate the idea of using something and getting it out of the milk.

Also, it should be noted that once you get steaming down you can do it just by using your hand to feel how hot the pitcher gets, it really becomes second nature, however that is only after a little use of a steam thermometer. Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts!

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