Attend CoffeeCon to Sharpen Your Skills

March 19, 2014

  Remember back in January we talked about expanding your coffee knowledge, tasting new coffees, trying new brewing methods and sharpening your coffee palate? How would you like to hit all of those points in one fun-filled, coffee-drenched day -- for just $20? Welcome to CoffeeCON, the consumer-oriented coffee show created by internationally known coffee expert Kevin Sinott.  

Who Is CoffeeCON?

  Sinnott is the founder of Kevin Sinott's Coffee Companion and auther of The Art and Craft of Coffee: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Selecting, Roasting, and Brewing Exquisite Coffee, which Publisher's Weekly called "the best new book on the subject." Unlike so many coffee "bibles" that read like scientific manuals, The Art and Craft of Coffee is approachable, fun and easy to read -- aimed squarely at the typical everyday Joe who loves good coffee and wants to make it even better.   Sinnott has applied that same energy to CoffeeCON, bringing together some of the foremost experts to impart their knowledge, their enthusiasm and their love of great coffee. The list of presenters at CoffeeCON includes George Howell, Jim Schulman, Oren Bloostein and Marysabel Caballero, all names very well known in the specialty coffee industry. In addition to the core presenters, the day will include demos, exhibitions and classes offered by local roasters. coffee shops and equipment suppliers.  

What Can You Learn at CoffeeCON?

  Pretty much anything you've ever wondered about coffee -- and a lot of things you've never even thought about. A partial list of tentative classes includes:  
  • Turkish coffee
  • Viennese coffee
  • Vietnamese coffee
  • Cuban coffee
  • French press brewing
  • Sipon brewing
  • Chemex brewing
  • Aeropress brewing
  • Auto drip brewing
  • Manual pour over
  • Home espresso
  • Home espresso
  • Coffee and food pairing
  • Home roasting demo
  And that's just a few of the many demos and classes you'll enjoy.  

Where Is CoffeeCON?

  In keeping with making coffee accessible to all coffee lovers, there is not just one single CoffeeCON. Instead, CoffeeCON brings the coffee fun to you in Chicago (April 12), San Francisco (June 7), New York (October 12) and Los Angeles (November 8). Interested in going? You can buy tickets to CoffeeCON online.   Image from the CoffeeCON Facebook page.  

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