At risk of sounding like a broken record…

At risk of sounding like a broken record… has come through yet again with great customer service.  I ordered a few bags of coffee about two weeks ago and enjoyed them.  Then the other day I was surprised to wake up to find in my inbox an email confirming the shipment of those coffees again.  At first I was a bit flustered thinking that I had ordered them and put them on a subscription.  Then I decided that this was certainly unlikely since that would require an active process that I could not imagine doing by accident and finally I figured that even if I had accidentally done that it did not matter because the coffees were very good and I was going to enjoy drinking them, so it was not a disaster if I accidentally ordered an extra couple bags.  I would make sure they did not repeat again every two weeks as I prize diversity far too much to want that, but I would have no regrets getting them this time.

I logged on and checked my order and sure enough I had not made a mistake and I had not ordered these coffees in any repeating format.  I dropped an email to Tim at to let him know that there might be a bug in the system causing accidental orders to go out.  He replied incredibly quickly (perhaps within the hour but certainly between when I sent the email and when I next checked email that morning) that there had indeed been an odd glitch and that they had already caught it and contacted the roasters to let them know that the orders were not real orders.  He closed with the remark that if they had not caught the mistake in time in my case I could enjoy some coffee on

Well I was quite pleased later that day when I checked the mail only to find an extra bag of great coffee waiting there for me.  The fact that it was free makes it taste even better.

Thanks again for taking care of your customers!

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