Asking for Opinion: espresso option for office

It have been quite hectic for me this week. Although graduate school year is over, I'm starting in a new laboratory and have been busy getting used the everything there. One of the thing I'm really excited about is that I will have office space finally and that means my coffee gears can be put in there as well. The new people in my office have been very accomondating and they have agree that I can put an espresso machine into our shared office space as well. 

Therefore, I'm debating two options and wondering if I can recieve inputs from you guys and gals who might have first hand experience with the coffee situation at work. Option one is bring in my La Riviera lever espresso machine.

This is quite a unique spring powered lever espresso machine and I have not have an oportunity to blog much about it. There have been scant information on the web about this unique beauty save for Orphan Espresso website which offer rebuild kit for this. The machine is powered by a small spring inside the group head much like the Ponte Vecchio Lusso or the Elektra Micro casa A Leva. In fact, the group head appear identical to that of the Ponte Vecchio Lusso and the portafilters and baskets are interchangable. My machine is not yet rebuild but If I decide to go this route, it will probably takes two to three weeks to sources the parts for the rebuild. My concern with having this in an office environment is user-friendliness. People might be intimidated by its looks and might not use it properly. Some of the cons of the machines including non-existent drip tray and boiler which must be refilled manually, both of which might be a dangerous situation in the office environment. The advantage of the machine is certainly the shot quality; if it is anything like the Ponte Vecchio Lusso, it would produce phenomenal shots and steam like a dream.

My next option is getting an Gaggia Classic:

This machine is well-knowned in the home espresso comunity (Intepid510, perhaps you can say something about this?) and produce good results with the right coffee and grinder. It has user-friendly water reservoir, nice and big drip tray and can steam milk with the right modification and technique. I'm seeing I can get a good deal for this one locally but I'm hesitate to pull the trigger.

Let hear the opinions! 

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