Arte Della Tazza {Art From The Cup}

The Parisi Artisan Coffee philosophy: Great coffee is motivational. Inspirational. Timeless moments are often shared over a cup. So we take our coffee seriously. Selecting, roasting and brewing it right is an art. Parisi Coffee is our proud, passionate homage to our Italian heritage. It's also our way to share our delicious traditions with you, so you can start your own.

Parisi Artisan Coffee is a family owned company, who immigrated from Sicily to Kansas City. They began small batch drum roasting with 100% Arabica beans in 2006, with the use of organic, fair-trade and Eco World Family Farm products. They have a unique specialty in Italian-style espresso. Parisi directly imports from countries of origin and roasts beans fresh daily. Every batch is cupped for quality. Parisi believes that the roasting process of the plant is truly from an artisan fashion. They roast to a flavor profile that they feel represents their interpretation of the bean. Their mantra is "Art From The Cup"; they strive to create a high quality, artful, culinary experience for their customers, one cup at a time.

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