Antioxidants: Our Defensive Team To Destroy Free Radicals

ROASTe has just introduced a new coffee line from LION Coffee.  Among LION’s “pride” is the Pure Choices line.  The Pure Choices group of coffees is a revolutionary concept in healthful coffee which uses more of the coffee cherry to provide additional nutrients. These nutrients are the to-die-for -- can’t live without -- antioxidants.


This term is being brought up in various media, and ROASTe, more and more these days and you might be wondering what it really means. Not to get too technical, but, as the name implies, antioxidants in the body fight against the harmful oxidants, aka free radicals. These free radicals are home wreckers, taking advantage of their freedom to work at damaging the body from the inside. They can cause cells to degenerate and thus be susceptible to such diseases as cancer, stroke, heart problems, early aging and so on.

Free radicals have to be eradicated, and that’s what the antioxidants do. So we want lots of them in our diets. Coffee is one of the best sources for antioxidants, and in fact, drinking it is linked to lower incidences of all the diseases mentioned above.

What LION Coffee has done is ramp up the number of antioxidants in its Pure Choices products in a totally natural and exciting way, by using more of the coffee fruit. The outer red part of the coffee cherry, the part that nourishes the bean inside, is usually disposed of and wasted. With Pure Choices, the roaster takes an extract made from the red fruit and adds it back into the coffee. This results in a cup with more than twice the number of antioxidants than in normal coffee." title="Coffea arabica Source:" />

The most wonderful part of this process is that it’s not about adding foreign or artificial additives, but about utilizing more of the whole bean, kind of like using the whole wheat kernel in bread. Why dispose of the most healthful part?

Nothing makes me feel better than to find out something I do - because it tastes good - also gives my health a boost. With all the toxins and chemicals bombarding us daily, and now, even potentially including radiation, at least we can know that our coffee enjoyment comes with a team of fighters that will do battle for us against these invaders.  So instead of having to go around nagging everyone “Don’t forget to take your antioxidants today”, all you need say is “Help yourself to the coffee…”  

Bet you feel better already.

LION Coffee’s Pure Choice is available in four products: Original, French Roast, Coconuty and Vanilla Macadamia.  Ummmm……. Three are below.

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