Another Syrup Recipe - Vanilla and Simple

Another of my syrup recipes which I make for my wife and guests. Well, two (sort of). This time it is especially easy. In fact it probably should have come before the post on my autumn spice recipe. This is just a plain simple syrup recipe with the option of adding half a seeded and scraped vanilla bean to give it a great vanilla flavor.

Vanilla Simple Syrup

Ingredient Quantity Procedure
sgar 280 grams (1.25C) 1. Combine.
water 230 grams (1C) 2. Simmer until sugar has dissolved.
cream of tartar
1 gram (1/8t) 3. Cool.
vanilla bean, seeded and scraped
1.5 grams (optional) (1/2 a vanilla bean) 4. Remove vanilla pods.

Again, I use this sugar to water ratio because I find it has the best balance of flavor to sweetness. I use about a quarter ounce in a cappuccino and half an ounce in a latte.

The cream of tartar does not actually change the flavor, but prevents crystallization of the mixture. Come to think of it, the addition would be worth while in the autumn syrup recipe as well. This syrup does not need to be refrigerated in either form, but will last even longer if it is done. It all depends on usage.

For a plain simple syrup, I prefer regular white sugar. If I am making the vanilla variation, I prefer something along the lines of demerara sugar because I think it gives a nice complexity that pairs well with the vanilla. Sometimes, I even substitute a small amount of brown sugar into the equation to round out the syrup further.

I know this may seem to easy, but I have not found a better tasting vanilla syrup. I also use this formula in some cocktails I make because I think it lends itself so well to tipples. Lastly, if you think vanilla beans are too expensive, buy them bulk online and store them in a well sealed bag, they last far longer this way and a good online purveyor will have far higher quality beans than available to most locally.

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