Another great coffee - Blue Jaguar

Today I am drinking Blue Jaguar from Red Bird espresso in Montana.  It is a great blend.  It is a blend built around Brazil Daterra Sweet Blue beans.

My very first shot of it was quite good and I figured that boded well because it got to me two days after roasting and I expected it to improve over at least some portion of the next 12 days.  

I dialed it in the best I could but then put it away until it reached day 5.  Sure enough it was much better and by day 7 it was just hitting its stride.  From day seven through day fourteen I thought it was at its peak and I do not know how it will do past that because it did not last long enough to make it past today (day fourteen).  

This is a very well balanced espresso.  It is not too chocolaty, not too acidic, and not too fruity, but has hints of all of those things.  

I do like big bold coffees that are not balanced at times, but I love balanced ones, too, and this fits that category.  This shot because of its subtle nature appeals to me most as a straight shot of espresso although it is nice in a milk drink like a cappuccino, but again I think straight is where it is at its best.

For me the parameters that I found ideal were roughly 16.5 grams of coffee pulled at a middle of the road temperature (probably 198-200) for a 28 second shot.  

I pulled it more as a normale then a ristretto probably yielding roughly 30 grams of espresso although I confess I never weighed the output so I do not know the exact yield.  

Next up I am returning to another of my favorite roasters, Klatch for their Belle and “World’s Best Espresso"

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