Another confirmation on frozen coffee

I believe the topic of freezing coffee has been covered well by other users and places on the web, but I just wanted to say that I had a positive experience with it this morning. I was out on vaction for about five days and knew that I didn't want to have my coffee sitting there in my empty house quietly going bad in my adsence and decided to freeze it. I had frozen a small mason jar ~4 oz filled with Black Tie at about 7 days rest.

Per instructions that I had read else where online I took out my jar of coffee last night as I went to bed and let it come to room temp. The reason behind this is the thought that when you open a frozen jar is that there can be condensation on the beans and impact their flavor. I am just taking others experience and cannot confirmed or denied this. Anyway this morning I simply pour in the beans and had delicious coffee like I remembered from a Black Tie at 7 days rest.

This was a much better experience than what I had with my first encounter with freezing coffee. A while ago I had made a large order of coffee (5lbs) and had broken in up into plastic bags to use at my leisure, I even went so far as to double bag the coffee. The problem I ran into is that the freezer bags did not keep the coffee fresh, by a month after my freeze date the coffee was bad. I was using this mainly for drip which is forgiving, and unforunately for me the coffee was near undrinkable by the end. I will never do that again.

So please use either glass mason jars or food saver bag. It seems like its quite economical to up size some of those bags. My experience deffinately has me looking at those 2lbs bags from Klatch!

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