And The Nuova Simonelli Oscar Goes To:

It goes to spraying water when I turn it on and hit the pump.  Let me back up for a moment.  This blog is a continuation of my experience with a second hand Nuova Simonelli Oscar espresso machine. The machine was sold for parts or repair so I can find no fault with the seller though.  The machine looks great and shipped fine, but as the seller noted it does have a leak around the solenoid.  This is a part where cold water comes from the pump and goes into the boiler, and also where hot water comes out of the boiler to be directed toward the steam wand and the heat exchanger for espresso.  Think of it as a traffic light for water - a leaky traffic light actually.


What to do then? Well first I had to figure out how to disconnect the hoses so I could remove the leaky solenoid and find out why it is not sealing properly.  These Teflon hoses are attached to the valve by what I have come to learn is something called a compression fitting - don't laugh at me because my mad plumbing skilz are not honed to a fine edge yet - I am still learning the finer points of this black art. Once I figured out how to compress the fitting (hence the name) and remove the Teflon hoses the valve was free for removal.  

I popped off the snap ring with a flat head screw driver and listened as it rattled it's way into the bowels of the Oscar.  With the help of a flash light and a piece of double sided tape my sailor tongued prayers  ("Get the ___ on there and stick for once!" is a source of comfort in times like these) were finally answered.  Once the snap ring is off and the hoses are disconnected the valve can be removed with an Allen wrench. This is as far as I got today but already I can tell the plumbing lessons are just beginning...

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