And now for an *intensive* brewing guide!

As you probably noticed, this week I have Kalita on the brain. Despite the fact that it will be a few months until I get my hands on the Wave Style Set I won, I’m already checking out recipes and brewing guides. Thanks to broseph, there’s a good deal of Wave-related info. on ROASTe already. More is better than less, though, so I was pleased to see Nick Cho post a follow-up to his original Wave video last night. The new guide is labeled “intensive” and comes with a warning sticker of sorts:

“No music. No edits. Just the sights and sounds of pourover coffee brewing, and some running subtitled commentary. I've had lots of requests for more in-depth brewing tips for the Kalita Wave dripper, so here you go. Hope it's helpful!”

Once you hit “play,” the warnings continue:

“This video is about coffee theory and techniques, not visual appeal or entertainment factor. If you’re not interested in the intricacies of coffee brewing, prepare to be bored out of your mind. I mean, there isn’t even any music. Seriously.”

Nick’s got a good sense of humor.

Personally, I love this sort of thing. Music would add polish, true, but without it your attention is drawn to the whir of the grinder, the burble of water boiling, the trickle of coffee dripping into a glass carafe. And, of course, to Cho’s detailed comments on pouring technique and its effect on extraction. I was a little surprised by the coarseness of the grind he used —something that’s touched on starting at 3:39. I should say *pleasantly* surprised because I tend to stay toward the coarser end of the spectrum with all of my other brewers anyway to the extent possible.

Check out the video here if you’re interested (embedding wasn’t working for me this morning for whatever reason). I don’t think owning a Wave is a prerequisite for enjoyment in this case.

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