An Introductory Kit to Better Coffee

I noticed this article on coffeegeek today and got to thinking about a decent kit you could give as a gift to someone who enjoys coffee, but doesn’t really try to make good coffee. You know the type of person I’m talking about (some of you may have even been this type of person at one point). The type of person who will throw some cheap ground coffee in their drip machine, flip the lever and make a huge pot of coffee that they then proceed to drink it all day.

Now is no stranger to discussing budget options. For example, Wakeknot discussed the clever dripper as a budget option here. But thinking from the perspective of a kit here’s what I’ve come up with. You need two simple things to make good coffee in my opinion: good beans and water(hot or cold).

The implements that facilitate such an undertaking are varied and several times expensive. So lets set some limits on this. First off, let’s say the kit can’t cost more than $50 (including beans). For $50, here’s the best I can come up with:

Clever Dripper: $17 OR Aeropress $25

The dripper is simpler to use than the Aeropress (yeah, I know the Aeropress isn’t difficult, the dripper is just easier). If you don’t mind spending the extra $8 or you’ve got someone that likes playing with variables I do think it’s more versatile than the dripper.

Beans (Chazzano Coffee Roasters Sampler Pack): $10

I like this option because it gives them five coffee origins to taste and experience. Surely at least one (and probably more than one will get them hooked).

Grinder: $15

Yeah, it’s a blade grinder. But so what? The clever dripper and Aeropress both aren’t too finicky with grind size and I made it just fine with a blade grinder for over a year before buying my burr grinder.

Total Price: $42(Clever Dripper)/$50(Aeropress)

What do you guys think? What’re your favorite options?

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