An Arabica Coffee Halloween

Wherever you are, even if you’re experiencing an Indian summer and warm weather, or an early fall chill, turning that calendar page to October evokes memories and thoughts of pumpkins and what costume to wear for Halloween. The heat of summer will soon transition to the winds of October. As we sadly put away the iced coffee maker, we can look forward to hot brewed drinks again.

Pumpkin Pie Flavored CoffeeThe stores are filling with pumpkins, the theme of the season. Besides the pumpkin carving and thoughts of jack-o-lanterns lighting up the sudden earlier onset of evening, comforting memories of pumpkin-based desserts and other dishes add to the month’s festivities.

October is the month of pumpkin pies, breads, cakes, cookies, smoothies, soufflés, soups, sauces, seeds sprouted and roasted – pumpkin 100 ways and more. Now comes Iron Brew’s Pumpkin Pie Flavored Coffee, a flavored 100% Arabica coffee. What more perfect coffee can you serve for Halloween parties and happenings?  Scents and tastes of sweet cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves enhance the flavor of the Arabica beans. This is the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween cookies and cakes.  

Iron Brew features other 100% Arabica coffees.  What’s special about Arabica coffee?

Most importantly, Arabica coffee is the original coffee species, dating back to 1000 years BCE. It was first discovered in Ethiopia but moved through the region – it’s presence on the Arabian Peninsula gave it its name.

Originally the beans were eaten; Ethiopia’s Oromos tribe crushed the beans and mixed them with fat before shaping them into ping-pong ball-sized spheres. The spheres were eaten not for the taste, but for the stimulant effect. Kind of gives a new meaning to the question “One lump or two?”

Arabica has a younger cousin - Robusta. Between the two, Arabica coffee is the most popular by far. Over 70% of the world’s coffee production is Arabica. This species has less caffeine (1.4%) than the Robusta (4.0%). As Iron Brew’s flavored varieties exemplify, Arabica is the type most often used in specialty mixes.

The most flavorful of all the types of coffee, Arabica has a wide taste range and, depending on the variety, can produce a coffee that is sweet or one that is tangy. Pure blends can be pricey but are also considered by many as the best tasting. Often called “the Merlot of coffee”, the mild taste of Arabica evokes sweetness, light and mountain air.

The Arabica coffee plant needs warm temperatures and higher elevations for optimal growing conditions. Bushes can reach up to 12 feet in height. Growing well in subtropical and equatorial regions, most Arabica coffee comes from places like Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

There has been a confusing discussion over varieties vs. species in the coffee world, resulting in a deep and intensifying source of conflict. The connoisseurs and traditionalists raise the banner of what they call old Arabica varieties, while some scientists, coffee growers, and govt officials defend the usefulness of new Arabicas.

In fact, the old varieties often are not that old. But they are spontaneous. Nature itself with its unfathomable processes caused these mutants to appear suddenly on non-specified coffee farms at some point in time; human involvement was due solely to taking advantage of the gift by preserving the mutated seed.

We can take further advantage by enjoying an Arabica coffee anytime. This Halloween season, why not try the pumpkin pie-flavored varieties? You can even take an old favorite Arabica and add pumpkin pie flavored syrup to it. Either way, have your pie and drink it too!

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