An abundance of coffee

So in a recent post I mentioned how I was dealing with a lack of coffee. Now, a few days later, I actually have the opposite problem!


There was some sort of mixup with a coffee order I placed on the 16th of march. I'm not sure what happened, but the vendor never sent it out, so after watching the tracking number never change for about a week, I decided to send Scott an e-mail and ask what was going on. 


He said there was a bit of a delay from that vendor but my order would ship that day. Fast forward five more days and I still hadn't received my order so I send Scott another e-mail and he responds that he guessed the mail must have lost it and gives me a refund which I promptly spend on more coffee from Roaste. 


I get that coffee three days later (rocket fast for my location really) from PT’s. Then the next day I get my original order in the mail 22 days after the order was placed! So now I have two 12 ounce bags of coffee.


The only bad thing is the roast date on the original bag is from March 23rd so it's a bit past it's prime despite being roast to order. That said I much prefer having too much coffee than not having any, and now I won't have to order more for a while. 


All in all I went about a week without any coffee (I thought about going to the coffee shop but couldn't justify the price) and while I didn't have any really rough side effects or anything it is kinda crazy the amount of difference it makes on my energy levels in the morning. It’s also much harder to stay up later without it, but for those of you who wondered I didn't die or anything. :P



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