Amazingly Cheap Coffee, diner style.

One of my favorite places to get a cup of coffee is at a diner one busy morning. The reason being that not only is there something just nice about getting coffee with friends or family over breakfest, but also just because its so fresh since there are so many people getting coffee.

However, one of the most amazing things that I have heard about diner coffee is that a few places have been able to keep the cost of that cup of coffee at low low prices, like what your parents paid for it. Now I am pretty sure some of it is offset by the meal you buy, call it a lost leader if you will to get people to come back in.

Of some of the places that I have heard that sell their coffee cheap is this place that I saw from the Red Bird Coffee blog. They sell coffee for five cents a cup! The same price they have sold it since the 1960s, according to Jeff from Redbird Coffee people bring in coffee for them to brew to keep the cost down because they like the price so much! Anyway here is the sign;" align="bottom" width="468" height="143" />

Pretty neat sign in my opinion.

However, what really got me started was this little article about a LA eatery that has been selling coffee for a 9 cents a cup since the 1970s, and they are not taking out handouts.

The eatery is Philippe's which is famous for their french dips, but with the price of coffee they are not able to hold the price of coffee down. So they are raising the price to fifty cents with tax for a cup of coffee. Still sounds like a steal to me for the early morning diner coffee to get with friends and family. The amazing thing to me is they were able to keep the price down at ten cents for so long, even if they are just brewing up some generic coffee that is cheap, in article it even mention that tourists were there thinking that the 9 cent coffee sign was just for nostalgia and not the actual price!

While diner coffee might be weak and bland most of the time, it's the people you are with that sure make it a lot more enjoyable.

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