Alone At Home Trumps Coffee Shops

Is your local coffee shop bucking the economic slump or rising above it? A recent article on Florida Today reports that local coffee shops are in a “volatile” business at present. Though just a few short years ago, the coffee house was booming and new independents opened up, Starbucks expanded and things looked good for the social brew scene. Now the opposite is occurring due to the recent economic slowdown.

Besides the tightening up of the coffee shop numbers, the number of coffee drinkers making their own brew at home is going up. Writer Wayne Price states that the National Coffee Association reported a 5% rise in at-home preparation and an identical percentage drop in coffee shop patronage. Apparently then, the coffee drinker isn’t cutting out his favorite beverage, but saving money by the age-old DIY answer to budget tightening.

There are two issues here. The article doesn’t go into detail on the DIY front, but just a look through ROASTe’s coffeemaker offerings gets the blood pumping at the variety of great, easy-to-use coffee machines which advertise that you can have coffee shop quality in your own home. Not only can we have a fun machine in our kitchens, but ROASTe’s huge selection of coffees from all over the world delivers much more variety than any coffee shop on any street or mall corner. ROASTe is still the “31 flavors” (much more, but who’s counting?) of coffee.

The coffee shop operators come back with the claim that their coffees are better than any brewed at home. That is partly based on the belief that their professional brewing equipment brews better coffee. At the same time, many of the new automatic espresso home model manufacturers maintain their products make coffee as good as any coffee shop.

Seems the only expert on that is the consumer who has tasted of both worlds. You be the judge.

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