Aloha fellow coffee drinkers!

Welcome to a column where you get to experience classic blog rambling! The difference about this coffee blog is that it will try to supply you with regular grounds of knowledge about Hawai‘i’s coffee industry- from seed to cup. Truth be told, Hawai‘i isn’t all surf and sand. In fact, we have a thriving, albeit relatively small, coffee industry that not only grows coffee but consumes it as well!

It is a rare region that both produces and consumes coffee in earnest. Many of our farmers do much more than grow coffee; many roast it and sell it directly to consumers (yeah for the almighty Internet!). There is some great coffee in Hawai‘i and we know it. Coffee folk here strive for the best, always.

Ok, enough of me selling you this origin. If you want to really learn about the Hawai‘i coffee industry, buy a copy of my book (and a copy for each of your 10,000 friends). Whenever you have questions or comments, please, send them to me. I thrive on discussing, teaching, learning, and exploring coffee.

In my next entry, look forward to my spiel about origins and flavor profiles. I’m starting to realize I think about this a bit differently than other folks.

Hopefully, you’ll have some good feedback for me!

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