All water is not the same

/files/u3017/Water_drop_001.jpg" title="Water Drop" alt="Water Drop" align="right" width="212" height="141" />Recently we were approached by a few people who were curious to know if water is an important feature to their morning brew. “I just get it from the tap!” one of the businessmen expressed. “I use a filter!” proudly declared another. We’re committed to ensuring quality is poured into every cup of coffee you enjoy and need to explain to you that, in fact, all water is not the same.

The Source

Your water should be as close to the purest, most beautiful, bacteria and mineral free liquid you can find. Straight from the tap this is not. Despite the refreshing sound of water flowing through the pipes into your glass, minerals, fluoride, biological specimens, etc, that may invade your faucet detract from the enjoyment of a fine brew. Though not all of your water trouble may result in poor taste or aroma, alkaline water (hard water) has a nasty tendency to create a bland cup. Not the way to start your day off right. The National Coffee Association of the USA states that you should use either filtered or bottled water when brewing your cup of joe. Though they continue to say that running your tap for a few moments may help, we recommend simply investing in a simple filter.

The Temperature

Water needs to be at the right temperature to afford it to “marry” the grounds appropriately. Think of it this way, would you cook pasta in cold water? No. Coffee requires a temperature just shy of boiling, around 195 degrees, to brew properly. If you expose boiling water to the coffee grounds, you’ll find your coffee has a slight hint of "burn" to its taste and aroma. So what to do? If you’re using a french press or a Chemex, boil your water, let it sit for ten to twenty seconds, then pour it over your beans. A digital themometer can aide your efforts even further here by providing a quick and accurate read. Many of you may use commercial auto-drip coffee makers. We’re sorry to say, many, but not all, auto-drips fail to reach the appropriate temperature. If time is of the essence and auto-drip your savior, you can find plenty of equipment reviews here at Roaste to ensure you find the right product.

Whatever method you enjoy using, we urge you to consider the importance of crisp, clean, water. Coffee prices are already setting new records and we want to ensure every cent you spend results in a satisfying experience.


Andrew Russo is President of Minuteman Espresso and a marketing and web development specialist at Red Barn Coffee Roasters.

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